Eddy Reynoso believes Benavidez hasn’t earned a fight with Canelo

Even though a lot of boxing fans believe Canelo Alvarez should be staying in the super middleweight division and fight former WBC champion David Benavidez, his trainer Eddy Reynoso doesn’t think so.

The man who is putting together the gameplan for every Canelo fight believes the 24-year-old Benavidez hasn’t yet solidified himself as a top challenger for the Mexican superstar.

Canelo’s latest decision to move up and challenge the WBC cruiserweight king Ilunga Makabu made some people angry, as they are blaming Canelo for not fighting the best opposition, but the ones he’s sure he can take care of.

“No way does Canelo have to face Benavidez next. Great boxers are the ones who beat champions. I think Benavidez is a good fighter, but up until this point, for me he has not achieved what people think,” Reynoso explained to Fox Deportes.

“My respects to him, but just take a look how many world champions has he beaten, how many defenses of his title has he made, how many unifications has he completed. We are going to look for the challenges, we are going to look for the champions and we are going to look for what’s best for the career of Saul, and if the fight with Benavidez comes around, then we welcome it… it’s boxing and it’s business.”

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