Eddy Reynoso’d welcome Anthony Joshua

One of the best boxers and one of the best boxing trainers. That’s Anthony Joshua and Mexico’s Eddy Reynoso.

The San Diego based genius says he won’t mind training the former unified heavyweight king who’s been linked with numerous US names after he got schooled by Oleksandr Usyk last September.

Reynoso is by far one of the most accomplished trainers in the world right now, as he is the mastermind behind Saul Alvarez success and domination.

It seems like 1+1=2 that “AJ” should try and make the switch to Canelo’s Team, but we’ll see if the Brit is up for it. Reynoso is.

“I’m a boxing trainer and willing to work with anyone. Him also. Whoever, it’s just a thing of when the fights will be happening, and we are ready. Yeah, I spoke to Joshua and Eddie Hearn to see what can be done and we will see what’s next,” Reynoso told Fight Hub TV. “I would love to work with Joshua. Why not? My job is to train fighters, and I will see if I can make it work.”

“I think work his distance more, better combinations. He has a lot of good traits, a lot of good physical traits, but doesn’t take advantage of them,” said Reynoso.

“There’s no conflict there having Joshua there with Andy Ruiz. They both don’t have fights, so there’s the opportunity to work with both of them. No, there’s no conflict, not at all,” said Reynoso. “Andy has other fights coming and so does Joshua.”

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