Felipe Pena fails PEDs test, stripped of IBJJF 2021 World Title

BJJ world and ADCC world champion Felipe Pena has failed a PED test and as a result has been stripped of his title as 2021 IBJJF World Champion.

Pena tested positive for Clomiphene and metabolites which is a banned substance. He was tested on December 2021 at the IBJJF world championships where he would win a bronze medal in the Super-Heavyweight division and a gold in the absolute division.

Felipe Pena is now banned from IBJJF competition for a full year. Pena will still face Gordon Ryan at the ADCC World Championships as they do not test for PEDs.

“In January 2022 I received an email from USADA, informing me that my Worlds exam showed a paltry amount of a substance called Clomiphene.

“As soon as I received it I contacted my doctor, Dr. Felipe Pereira. He told me that he had actually prescribed clomiphene for health reasons, nothing to do with my athletic life, 5 months before the Worlds… When they had announced whether or not there would be a Worlds because of the COVID.


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