Fight to Win 169 Results: Kennedy Maciel wins with incredible comeback

On Saturday, Fight to Win returned to action with another night of submission-only matches live from Dallas, TX. In the main event, 155-pound champion Kennedy Maciel earned an incredible comeback submission victory against Josh Cisneros in a no-gi match. Also in action were Gabriel Almeida and Oliver Taza in the co-main event, and Pedro Rocha picking up a brutal guillotine choke.

In the main event, Kennedy Maciel spent about the first nine minutes of his title match with Josh Cisneros defending submission attempts. Less than three minutes in, Cisneros attacked a kimura before transitioning to a deep triangle attempt. Cisneros attacked from the triangle for nearly four minutes but quickly moved to an omoplata. Eventually, Maciel escaped and, with less than 30 seconds remaining, scrambled to Cisneros’ back and miraculously sunk in a rear-naked choke.

It was one of the best comebacks ever in Fight to Win.

The evening’s co-main event featuring Oliver Taza and Gabriel Almeida involved some contentious judging. After an early leg lock attempt from Danaher Death Squad representative Taza, the bulk of the match wrestling on the feet. And although Taza largely controlled the pace and seemed to be the more aggressive grappler, the decision ultimately went to Almeida.

The card also featured a match-up between Dallas locals Pedro Rocha and Tony Tipton. After some wrestling on the feet, Rocha secured a brutal guillotine choke and submission of the night honors.

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