Final ADCC trials event comes to a conclusion

It’s been a long road to get here but the seventh and final ADCC trials event has been completed and another batch of elite grapplers have earned their place at the world championships later this year. Due to the recent pandemic, the trials took place on a much shorter timescale than they normally would have and the eighth edition was cancelled. As a result, this last event was the only Asia and Oceania trial conducted for ADCC 2022.

There were predictable winners like Jeremy Skinner at 66kg and Kenta Iwamoto at 77kg but surprises were abound. Many could’ve predicted B-Team’s Izaak Michell would’ve won a place , but nobody thought it would be at 99kg. Meanwhile, Roberto Frias won at 88kg and Josh Saunders won at over 99kg. The over 60kg women’s division was won by Nikki Lloyd-Griffiths, and Adele Fornarino pulled off a huge upset to win the under 60kg division.


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