Floyd Mayweather knocks out Mikuru Asakura in two rounds

Floyd Mayweather’s second exhibition for RIZIN went a little longer than the first time around, but he still stepped on the gas and knocked out Mikuru Asakura at the end of the second round.

Asakura, 30, gave his best effort, landing a couple decent body shots from the southpaw stance in the first round, and doing his best to find real openings.

Once Mayweather fully clocked in round two that Asakura was doing his best to win, he landed a couple clean shots, dropping Asakura on a right hand to the side of the head just before the bell sounded to end round two.

Referee Kenny Bayless gave Asakura a chance to recover and prove he’d be OK to continue, but then made the right call to stop it. He was rocked pretty badly.

After the fight, Mayweather thanked the country of Japan and RIZIN, and also pointed out Manny Pacquiao at ringside, giving him some respect. Pacquiao had spoken earlier in support of Asakura.

Mayweather concluded with more pleasantries and said he will be back.

Mayweather vs Asakura highlights

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