Flying start of the KWU International Professional League Camp

Another training camp of the KWU International Professional League took off with a bang! The first training session of the winter edition of the camp in Varna took place this morning in “Vladislav” hall. The 9:00 AM starting hour didn`t scare the fighters and instructors that took part in the session! Before the practice started, everyone bent a knee in memoy of Bulgaria`s kyokushin pioneer Shihan Konstantin Bozhilov, who recently passed away.

The practitioners were divided in several groups from the very beginning.  The new instructor in the crew Alber Kraus took the “lightweight” group with fighters under 70 kg. He started off with a traditional muay thai warm up for the whole body and then begun working on the fighters` skills. The Dutch, who is a former champion of K-1 Max and SUPERKOMBAT worked on combinations with more than three punches and kicks and level changing when attacking.

In the spirit of the last couple of seminars, Semmy Schilt took the group with the coaches who were eager to learn from him. He showed a couple of different games that are suitable for children and showed how they can be modified for elder students and those who are not competitive. The living legend of kickboxing showed a couple of different ways to capture the attention of the group during the class.

The other 4x K-1 Heavyweight Champ, Ernesto Hoost, took the group with the heavier fighters. The Dutch emphasised on KO combinations and focused on the details that have to be met in order the knockout to happen. Then Hoost switched to defense mode. He showed a couple of different ways to block punches and made the fighters work in a more realistic scenario.

The 3-x K-1 Heavyweight champ Peter Aerts combined with the winner of All Japan championship and world silver medalist Jan Sokoup. They emphasized on working from distance and how to get a better feeling of distance. In a traditional Aerts style, the class finished with a friendly sparring, clinch work and a lot of crunches.

The training seminar in Varna will continue until5-th of December and will be part of the unique “3-in-1” event, where martial arts fans will be able to enjoy the Kyokushin European Championship for men and women, as well as the long-awaited combat show SENSHI 10.

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