Former yokozuna Hakuho has tough time

Former yokozuna Hakuho has swapped elder stocks with his ex-stablemaster, in the process becoming Miyagino oyakata and taking control of the stable associated with that name, reports ‘The Japan Times”.

Makoto Tazaki — the previous Miyagino – assumed Hakuho’s former designation of Magaki, but whether the ex-maegashira will continue on in some capacity once he reaches the Japan Sumo Association’s official retirement age of 65 later this month is still unknown.

Tazaki, who fought under the ring name Chikubayama, had been in control of Miyagino stable for most of the past 30 years.

Famously, he was the only stablemaster in the sport willing to give then-15-year-old Hakuho a shot at joining professional sumo, when the skinny teenager came to Japan in 2000.

Forty five Emperor’s Cup triumphs later, that decision remains one of the greatest ever made, and it’s fitting that the legendary yokozuna now starts his career as a stablemaster in charge of the very same heya that changed the course of his life.

Of course, until last year, it was widely expected that Hakuho would be offered a special one-generation name stock, which would have allowed him to continue on as an elder — and eventually open a stable under his ring name.

However, the findings of a controversial 2021 report that called for the banning of that practice were accepted by the JSA, and Hakuho became the first yokozuna with 20 or more championships not to be given the prestigious honor.

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