Four titles for Bulgaria from the Open World Championships in Arnhem

Image: KWU

Bulgaria won four titles from the Open World Kyokushin Championships in Arnhem, Netherlands.

Monika Stoyanova, Plamen Apostolov, Hristiana Dimitrova and Yoanna Dafinkicheva won the gold for their nation in the respective divisions.

Iya Kostova won a silver medal, and Vasil Dimitrov, Mariela Lyubenova, Teodora Popova, Ralitsa Zaharieva and Marian Balabanov got to the bronze medals.

The coach Sensei Zahari Damyanov took 29 fighters with him witch means that 1/3 of them are coming home with a medal.

Bulgaria is in top 5 at the Open World Championships after the tournament. Kazakhstan leads the pack followed by the Netherlands, Poland and Spain.

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