Francesko Xhaja defeats Ahmed Krnjic at SENSHI 9

Francesko Xhaja made the most out of his SENSHI debut yesterday. The Albanian fighter defeated Bosnia and Hercegovina’s Ahmed Krnjic via decision after an additional round was added.

The fight was conducted under the KWU Full Contact in the -95 kg category with Semmy Schilt being the special guest referee.

The fight was competitive and close, as both fighters utilized their best weapons as much as they can. Krnjic was checking his opponent with leg kicks, while Xhaja was landing powerful and demolishing body kicks that echoed far far away.

The Albanian, who had the luxury to be mentored by Bogdan Shumarov, continued to attack with his scary mawashis and Krnjic was thinking hard to get on the inside.

After some time the Bosnian started landing jabs that opened space for his right hand and the exchanges were almost non-stop. Both guys pushed even harder in the third round, showcasing a great range of attacks, but nobody could take the edge and the judges ruled an additional round.

Krnjic’s stamina was running low as he couldn’t deliver the same power shots he was landing in the first two rounds. Xhaja felt that and marched to the victory with a steady pace and good body kicks.

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