George Kambosos: Haney is a rat, gave me info about Lopez before the fight

IBF, WBA, WBO world lightweight champion George Kambosos is standing firm on his claim that Devin Haney sent him unsolicited messages which contained sensitive information with respect to Teofimo Lopez.

Last year at Madison Square Garden in New York City, Kambosos shocked the sport when he dropped and outboxed Lopez over twelve rounds to capture the unified crown.

According to Kambosos, Haney sent several messages prior to that contest. The messages contained private information pertaining to Lopez’s training camp and personal issues.

As a result, Kambosos has tagged Haney, the WBC lightweight champion, as a “rat” and an “informant.”

“He was going behind Teofimo Lopez’s back,” Kambosos said to TheAge. “It’s there. He’s lucky I haven’t put [the messages] out there. I might do it today. But it is there. He knows it, I saw it in his eyes when we faced off. He knows what he did … When you go around on Twitter, sending messages, making first contact with the enemy … Sunday, he will be found out.”

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Kambosos and Haney will collide in a full division unification on June 5 at Marvel Stadium in Melbourne (June 4 in the United States. ESPN will carry the fight.

Haney states that he’s staying very focused and not paying attention to Kambosos’ taunts.

“George is actually a nice guy,” Haney said. “I mean, it’s just trash talk. I don’t take it personally. He’s doing what he can to build the fight. We met before and after my last fight and at the weigh-in. I don’t read anything into it at all. I couldn’t care less what he says, or anybody says, the proof is in the ring.”

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