George Kambosos Jr thanks Devin Haney for two fights: “He’s special”

George Kambosos Jr seems to have squashed any remaining beef with Devin Haney following their rematch in Melbourne, which Haney won again in dominant fashion over 12 rounds to retain his undisputed lightweight championship.

The two fighters and their fathers posed together for a photo backstage following the bouts, and Kambosos (20-2, 10 KO) offered “full respect” to Haney.

“I gave it my all, but this champion is special,” Kambosos wrote. “I’m very proud of the warrior spirit and never die attitude I went to battle with today. Big respect to Team Haney, thank you for giving me back my shot, proud to have shared 24 rounds with you in two special events down under.”

Kambosos also thanked his supporters, and vowed to return, putting aside any prior talk that a loss would see him hang up the gloves.

“Time to rest and recover after three big fights in a year, and then regroup and come back,” he added.

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