Georgia claims mixed team title at the U23 European Judo Championships

The mixed team of Georgia won the Mixed Team title at the U23 European Judo Championships in Budapest, Hungary.

A total of 8 countries participated in the closing event of the competition – France, Hungary, Georgia, Romania, Austria, Germany, Russia and Turkey.

Georgia dismantled the huge favorite France in the quarterfinals (4-2), while Hungary beat Romania with the exact same results. Austria defeated 4-3 Germany and Russia went through Turkey 4-3.

The first semi final was between Georgia and Hungary and ended 3-3 which of course meant another random draw. As the -73kg was drawn, both teams rallied hard around their athletes; Luka KAPANADZE (GEO) and SZEREDAS Botond (HUN). It was a close contest with both almost scoring on multiple occasions but it in the end it was an inescapable ippon from Kapanadze that put his team in the final.

On the other side of the draw, Austria took on Russia. This was a more straight forward affair despite the big effort from Austria, Mansur LORSANOV was able to take the fourth win for his team to go through and meet Georgia in the final.

In the final, the Georgian judokas claimed the victory after a 4-2 win over Russia.

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