Georgios Biniaris and Iraj Azizpour are fighting in the heavyweight division at SENSHI 21


Georgios Biniaris (Greece) and Iraj Azizpour (Iran) are coming to SENSHI in a few weeks to face each other in the KWU Full Contact 95+ kg. division.

The Greek won the GBF national championship in 2021. Before that he reached the finals at WKF national title championship in 2019 and the WKU world title championship in 2018.


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The Iranian also has some silverware under his belt. The is a silver medalist back in 2017 from the IFMA tournament. The same year he won the Kunlun fight tournament.

Azizpour has a huge height advantage. He is 188 cm. tall against Biniaris who is just 178 cm. In this weight class this could be a decisive factor. But we will see on April 20th in Varna, Bulgaria.

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