Gervonta Davis to stay with Mayweather Promotions

WBA lightweight champion Gervonta Davis produced another masterful performance this past Saturday night in New York. “Tank” knocked out Rolando Romero via beautiful left counter in the sixth round, defending his belt for a second consecutive time.

Prior to the fight, there were rumours that the 27-year-old American will leave Floyd Mayweather’ stable, but “Tank” himself admitted he ain’t going nowhere.

“Still Floyd Mayweather Promotions, baby. Still with Floyd Mayweather Promotions. I love you, Floyd Mayweather Promotions.”

Reacting to his stunning victory over Romero, Davis said: “I was just trying to figure him out, catch his range and see how hard he hit.

“I knew he was going to run into something because his focus was to throw everything hard.

“He tried to throw his brick hand I think and I just moved out the way and caught him running in.

“I knew that I could outthink him easily. I knew I was going to outbox him. I thought I was going to not knock him out but wind up stopping him in the late rounds.

“But he ran into the shot. He ran into the shot.”

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