Gilbert Burns says Kamaru Usman is helping him prepare for Khamzat Chimaev

“Usman came a couple of days to help out,” Burns said to TMZ Sports… “He was helping me a couple of times, not training with me but kinda coaching. Very high IQ and very good advice. Was good to have him around.”

It is interesting to hear that Kamaru Usman is helping prepare Gilbert Burns given the fact that if the Brazilian wins, he could very well earn a second crack at the champ. Yet, Burns says the two remain friends and they know their fight is all business as he doesn’t even view it as fighting Usman, instead, he says all he thinks about is winning the belt.

“That’s Rocky and Apollo, Apollo beat Rocky and came out to help out so yeah that’s kind of like being in it. To be honest, I make peace with that. The guy beat me, for sure I want to become champion, but I’m not after Kamaru, I’m after the title, I want to become the champion, I want to become the best. I don’t have any beef, nothing personal, no grudge against Kamaru.”

Before the rematch can happen, both Burns and Usman will need to win their upcoming fights. The Brazilian is a sizeable underdog against Chimaev while the champ is expected to face Leon Edwards in July.

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