Golovkin on fights with Canelo: If you think I lost, you’re delusional

Gennady Golovkin, one of the most accomplished boxers to ever live, is on the verge of securing a third fight against Saul Avarez.

The Mexican has sgned a two-deal fight with DAZN and Eddie Hearn and according to many sources, one of the two bouts will be a trilogy against GGG.

As of this point there’s nothing official, but if a bout like this materializes, people with knowledge believe it will take place in late 2022 or early 2023.

The Kazakh fighter faced Saul Avarez back in 2017 and clearly won the fight, but the judges scored it a draw and a rematch had to take place a year later.

he second fight was as close as it gets, but Canelo got the W via decision and until this day people are left with a bad taste in their mouths when the GGG-Canelo saga comes up.

In a recent recording of the Walking the Floor podcast, host Chris Shiflett noted to Golovkin that he believed he won the two bouts with Alvarez. Golovin, suffice to say, was of the same mind.

“I agree with you,” Golovkin said through a translator. “I have the same opinion as you that I won both fights. And nothing is going to change my opinion. But there are some people who are comfortable being delusional. Let them live with this delusion.”

Whether they (the Alvarez fights) soured me (on boxing) a little bit, yes, because at the time the fight was the biggest fight in the world of boxing,” Golovkin said.

“To see that people were able to get away with this fraud, you just start thinking really, this is how it works? You start looking at box[ing], boxing’s not just a sport. From a business standpoint, people are willing to tweak it to their advantage in indecent ways and get away with it, without being responsible for their actions and without taking liability. Of course, that sort of changed my attitude.”

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