Grigorian sends Souwer into retirement with brutal TKO

It was an emotional way to end the quarterfinal round of the ONE Featherweight Kickboxing World Grand Prix, as Marat Grigorian toppled Andy “Souwer Power” Souwer and ended the Dutch icon’s legendary career.

Souwer put up a great fight, but Grigorian’s punching power was just too much, and he took a second-round victory in their kickboxing battle at ONE: FIRST STRIKE on Friday, 15 October.

Both men proceeded with caution at the start of the opening frame until Souwer stepped in with a big overhand right that sparked things into action. Grigorian stalked his Dutch rival and then dropped him with a left-hand counter, but “Souwer Power” bounced straight back up.

The Armenian constantly pressed forward and pushed Souwer to the Circle Wall, where he unloaded punishing salvos of hooks and uppercuts that snapped the veteran’s head back.

Souwer showed that his chin is still strong enough to withstand the big shots and fired back with combinations of his own, but Grigorian’s heavy hands kept him in control.
The Hemmers Gym representative then came out firing in round two and scored with a looping right hand, while “Souwer Power” probed with his jab and looked to land low kicks.

Souwer upped his volume and stayed busy, but Grigorian’s punches clearly had more of an impact when they landed. The Armenian forced his man to the Circle Wall again and unloaded with hooks, uppercuts, and low kicks.

Not ready to quit, the Dutchman threaded his punches through the gaps, but he did not have the firepower to move his younger rival. Then, when Souwer stepped forward for a jab, Grigorian caught him coming in and dropped him with a stiff left hand.

“Souwer Power” was in some pain on the canvas and couldn’t make it back to his feet in time, giving Grigorian the win by TKO at 2:26 of the second stanza.

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