Hifumi Abe – Joshiro Maruyama rematch in the making

Judo fans will witness a rematch of one of the best contests of the last years, a rematch between Hifumi Abe and Joshiro Maruyama.

We obviously think about that man to man single qualification match for the Olympic Games, broadcasted live by the Japanese Judo Federation (AJJF), reports Judo Inside.

The Federation announced the field for the Japanese championships which will take place on April 3 and 4 in Fukuoka.

Outside a fantastic roster in the U66kg category other amazing events will have the presence of eight of the nine Olympic Championships, an example how national championships should represent the best athletes of each country.

The Japanese Championships will include Olympic stars Uta Abe (-52kg), Shori Hamada (-78kg), Akira Sone (+78kg), Naohisa Takato (-60kg), Hifumi Abe (-66kg), Shohei Ono (-73kg), Takanori Nagase (-81kg) and Aaron Wolf (-100kg).

With a top field judo fans will look forward to the stream of this event where many super contests can be expected.


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