High intensity and useful sparrings marked the third day of the SENSHI camp

The third day of the ongoing SENSHI Summer training camp in Bulgaria went just like that.

Today’s activities were marked by extremely high intensity and pace. Both training sessions ended on a ‘hard and useful sparrings’ note, showcasing the world-class skills of the participants.

The SENSHI instructors divided the fighters into several groups once again, as the competitors are switching instructors session by session.

Both sessions kicked off with a solid stretching and warm-up, which set the tone for what was coming. Semmy Schilt started out his students with sit-ups and push-ups. After that, “The Hightower” demonstrated various ways of executing identical combinations.

Nicholas Pettas laid stress on the low-kicks and showed some moves and drills for defense upgrading.

“Build your attack and combinations as a story. Feel the flow and believe in yourself. In order for your “story” to work, you must be patient. Lure your opponent that he knows the “story” and then attack”, the Danish karateka encouraged the fighters.

Meters away from him Ernesto Hoost was demonstrating once again his notorious top-notch skills. “Mr. Perfect” was motivating his students with a lot of different combinations, stirring them up to add something of their own arsenal. Hoost emphasized the outside game and the proper body position.

“Know what fits you and what is not and don’t stop working in both directions”, Hoost said.

Sam Greco kept the theme with the creating of angles and dictating the match by correct movement. After the second session, Greco gathered his students around him and told them some inspirational words.

“When I had to undergo second heart surgery, the doctor asked me what I want. I said that I want to be able to train and teach. That’s my life – combat sports. If I’m unable to teach and pass my knowledge to you, then plug me off. Find a goal and work hard for it”, the Australian added.

K-1 MAX and SUPERKOMBAT champion Albert Kraus was once again engaged with the lightweight fighters. “The Hurricane” was again assisted by Bulgaria’s Vladimir “The Pitbull” Valev who was going all out in the training sessions with his son by his side. Kraus showcased a small portion of his offensive arsenal and great defensive moves, side-steps, and proper blocks and checks.

Peter Aerts was once again assisted by his son Marciano Arts. “The Dutch Lumberjack” put the pedal to the medal and exhausted every bit of last energy bars the fighter had. Arts demonstrated some great power combos mixed with tips about the inside game and staying closer to your opponent without getting hit.

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