Islam Makhachev tells Alexander Volkanovski to stay at featherweight

Islam Makhachev isn’t a fan of Alexander Volkanovski thinking he could get a lightweight title fight.

Volkanovski is coming off a TKO win over Korean Zombie at UFC 273 to defend his featherweight title for the third time. It was an impressive performance and after the win, Volkanovski said he didn’t know what would be next. However, he recently came out and said he would like a lightweight title fight to try and become a champ-champ.

“I want that this year. That’s something I’m looking at next, even,” Volkanovski told ESPN. “As I said, while this division [featherweight] is sorting itself out; I’m doing my part, I don’t want to hold up any divisions. But if this division is getting held up it’s because the contenders aren’t taking that No. 1 spot. It’s got nothing to do with me.

“So if [they’re] going to do that, I want to be active, I’ll move up, I’ll work my options because I’m not holding anyone up and I’m doing my part. So if people don’t want to do their part, let’s have fun, let’s have these money fights, let’s have these double-champ status [fights], let’s do all that type of stuff while that’s happening. And I think I’m in a good position and a fair position to call for a double-champ status.”

After hearing what Alexander Volkanovski had to say, Islam Makhachevm, the presumed number one contender at 155lbs, doesn’t agree with the champ. Instead, he thinks there are still contenders the Aussie needs to fight while he also says he is the one getting the next title shot.

“Hold your horses cowboy., you have division full of young sharks, more than enough to stay busy. LW title fight is mine,” Makhachev said.

Although Islam Makhachev says he is getting the lightweight title fight, Dana White has stated that the Russian will have to fight Beneil Dariush first. But, if he wins that, then there is no question he will get the next title shot. So the possibility of Volkanovski skipping the line still remains.

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