Israel hosts over 180 for judo coaching and refereeing seminar

With many nations opening up for training purposes at grassroots level, Israel have organised a coaching and refereeing seminar as the Israeli government have begun the lifting of restrictions.

After almost 18 months and a total of three quarantine periods, judoka have been unable to meet face to face. Until now. The Israeli Judo Association held their first seminar on a tatami and without masks.

From Eliat in the south to Kiriat Shmona in the north, 180 participants came together to attend the seminar. It was an opportunity to practice together, to analyse video footage from both Israeli and international competition.

The seminar was opened with words from Israeli Judo Association President Moshe Ponti,

I am thrilled to see for the first time face to face and not by zoom over 180 coaches and referees. It is a testimony of the strength of the Israeli Judo Association and the successful fight of the state of Israel against the corona virus.

We have two important goals in the near future, our national championships, the first after 18 months, and the Tokyo Olympics, I wish all the athletes great success.


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