Jake Paul offers $5 million, PPV cut to Jorge Masvidal

Jake Paul has a counter to Jorge Masvidal’s refusal to box.

“Masvidal is like, ‘I only fight the best people or I fight for money, and you’re neither one of those,’” said Paul. “Masvidal, I’ve got an offer for you right now: $5 million guarantee, plus percentage of pay-per-views.

“That’s the most you would have ever made in a fight, ever. So now you can’t say, ‘I either fight the best, or I fight for money.’ … Let’s make it happen.”

It’s an offer the YouTube star turned boxer knows Masvidal can’t take, he said Tuesday, because he is under contract with the UFC. But in his eyes, it’s a comeback that cuts to the chase and can’t be countered — because it’s true.

“Daddy Dana just has to let you out of your contract,” Paul said, referring to his online rival, UFC President Dana White. “You work for the UFC. You’re a bitch, basically.”

Three days after a highlight-reel knockout of ex-UFC champ Tyron Woodley, Paul targeted Masvidal and Nate Diaz after they attended the boxing match this past Saturday and left before the conclusion.

The social media star welcomed a fight with the UFC stars and said he “embarrassed” White’s whole company by knocking out Woodley in a rematch of an August bout he won by split decision. Woodley is the most decorated MMA fighter stopped by Paul, but Masvidal and Diaz’s fan base would guarantee a bigger audience.
“I think they say they’re about it, and it seems so obvious, like the general public looks at it and is like, ‘Yeah, Masvidal and Nate Diaz would kill Jake Paul,’” Paul said. “These dumbasses don’t understand that boxing is a different sport than MMA, and that is literally light work.

“And it’s so weird how some people develop a brand that’s so likable, like him, where he started street-fighting in the back with Kimbo Slice, like he’s really tough. No you’re not. ‘Gamebred.’ You bitch.”

Once an ally, Masvidal appeared during Paul’s press conference for a fight with rival Ben Askren, whom he famously knocked out in the UFC. The two went separate ways when Paul signed on to fight Woodley, a former training partner for “Gamebred.”

Masvidal’s colorfully-lit response to Paul provided the undefeated boxer a jumping off point for a rant on fighter pay in the UFC. Asked about the octagon veteran’s invitation to meet him in the UFC, he said it would make no sense right now.

“Yeah, let me come work for the UFC,” Paul said sarcastically. “I make more than every UFC fighter f*cking combined, including Conor. Y’all work for Dana, y’all work for WME/Endeavor, that’s who you work for. I make more than all you silly motherf*ckers. Why would I go into the UFC and sign a contract to give away my f*cking rights and sh*t.

“I own my content. I own my platform. I own everything. They don’t own sh*t. They’re literally employees. I’m a f*cking CEO and every UFC fighter is an employee. Get that straight. I’m not coming over there and doing sh*t with y’all. Suck my nuts, bro. I need a shirt that says, ‘Suck my nuts,’ because I don’t know how else to express myself.”

Paul didn’t rule out the idea of an eventual trip to the UFC, but only after he extends his unbeaten streak to no less than 10-0 and fights Canelo Alvarez, one of boxing’s biggest stars ever.

Later, Paul explained that his pointed response was meant to defend himself against Masvidal rather than defame the hundreds of fighters on the UFC roster.

“It’s not to demean every UFC fighter, because obviously, you want to be a part of a big platform, of course, and I feel like I came off a little strong. But when these guys are talking sh*t to me and talking online, that’s when I — y’all have no idea what you’re talking about,” he said. “And by the way, it’s f*cked up. So the point I’m making, they’re employees. I’m a CEO.

“But the point I’m making also is the situation that they’re in is not good, and it needs change. But don’t try to play the CEO boss sh*t with me and talk negotiations and money, because I’ll run circles around all these motherf*ckers.”

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