Jake Paul shows off $500,000 custom made championship belt proclaiming him as the ‘most valuable boxer’

Jake Paul is still working his way toward earning a championship in the sport of boxing, but he was gifted a $500,000 custom made belt just days ahead of his rematch with Tyron Woodley on Showtime pay-per-view.

Paul showed off the hardware on Thursday ahead of the pre-fight press conference after Most Valuable Promotions CEO Nakisa Bidarian presented the title belt to him as an early Christmas gift.

The title actually touts Paul as the “most valuable boxer” as he continues to garner attention for his fighting career after turning pro in early 2020.

While he had the belt with him on stage before facing off with Woodley, Paul made it clear that this particular title is not going up for grabs, especially after you notice the words scrawled across the front of it.

“This belt is for me,” Paul said. “That’s why it says ‘for Jake Paul’ right here. But this is the most valuable boxer belt designed by Alec Monopoly.

“We’ve got a diamond Rolex on the side, a diamond Cartier on the side and then the Hermes Birkin bag sewn into the side for the most valuable boxer of this generation.”

Love him or hate him, Paul has certainly brought a lot of eyeballs to his events as he’s continued to build a combat sports career. He first came to fame as a social influencer and content creator for YouTube and Vine as well as a star on the Disney Channel.

These days, Paul spends most of his time focused on boxing while building his company Most Valuable Promotion, which also touts multiple-time world champion Amanda Serrano as a client.

Paul will look to back up the claims on his belt when he faces off with Woodley in the main event on Showtime PPV from Tampa, Fla.

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