Jan Soukup’s comment about his training with Jiri Prochazka before UFC 300 (VIDEO)


Jiri Prochazka (30:4:1) came back with a victory inside the octagon at UFC 300 against Aleksandar Rakic (14:4) and once again is the number one contender for the light heavyweight title. Sensei Jan Soukup was a part of his preparation and Boec reached him out at the KWU SENSHI camp in Varna last month to find out more about BJP’s preparation.

We trained two times with him because he wanted to be better after the fight with Pereira. He wanted to learn different techniques that can be used in his fights. My strength is with my feet and we worked on that. We training some Kyokushin karate and some traditional combat disciplines so that he can gain new knowledge“, Soukup said about Prochazka’s camp.

The fight with Rakic was a must win for Jiri if he wanted to stay on top of the division and challenge again for the UFC belt. Currently he stand in the number one position and most probably will have the change again to challenge Poatan later this year.

In the first round with the Serbian he received some low kicks but after that Jiri started working better and got to the victory“, said the Sensei.

Jan Soukup believes in his student but also sees that he waits for the adrenaline to pump in before he start fighting on high gear.

I believe that Jiri Prochazka will win because he has the desire, he has the preparation and knows the game very well. He is the future champion“, added the Czech Kyokushin master.

In a possible rematch with Alex Pereira he expect the fight to go fully in stance because that is the style of both fighters. But of they go to the ground Prochazka will prevail and will win the belt, according to his trainer.

I do think that the KWU SENSHI camps are perfect for MMA, kickboxing, boxing, karate and all other combat disciplines because here we work with our hand and feet“, finished Jan Soukup.

The next KWU SENSHI camp will be at the end of June and the beginning of July in Kamchia near Varna, Bulgaria. Fighters from all around the world gather to learn from some of the best coaches in martial arts and Jan Soukup is traditionally a part of the team. And if someone like Jiri Prochazka can learn from him, just imagine what high levels of training they are doing at these camps.

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