Japan sits on top at the medal table of the WKF World Championships

The 2021 Karate World Senior Championships concluded yesterday in Dubai. After six thrilling days of competition, Japan finished on top of the medal table of the memorable event with seven medals and four golds.

Egyptian and Spanish delegations also wrapped up deserving performances after taking three golds and two top awards, respectively.

The last day of the event put the Para-Karate competition and the finals of the Team categories on the central stage. Egypt topped the medal table of the Para-Karate World Championships after taking three gold medals, with Salma Alaaeldin Ebrahim and Abdelaziz Abouelnaga of Egypt, and Isabel Fernandez of Spain as the big stars of the competition as they re-took their world titles.

Powerhouse nation of Japan showcased their prevalence in Kata with World crowns in both Male and Female Team Kata.

Current champions of Japan defeated Spain in the final of Male Team Kata. The repetition of the title-deciding bout of Madrid 2018 also finished with the Japanese side on top as they upset Spaniards with a score of 28.28 points with “Unsu” kata to 26.08 points for the Spanish side.

The final of Female Team Kata also went to Japan. The representatives of the birth nation of the sport defeated Spain in the title-deciding bout. The clash also repeated finalists from the bout three years ago in Madrid and the Japanese squad took the victory again with a score of 27.26 points with “Unsu” kata for 26.0 for the Spaniards.

The Team Kumite competition was a rally of emotions that ended with Egypt and Italy on top. Led by Olympic champion Feryal Abdelaziz, the Egyptian side defeated current titleholders of France by 2-1. The two finalists took one match each, but in the final bout, the Egyptians claimed the triumph with an impressive demonstration of offensive Karate.

Source and image: www.wkf.net

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