Jermell Charlo believes he did enough to earn a win over Brian Castano despite official draw

During the post-fight interview following the split decision draw between Jermell Charlo and Brian Castano, Charlo took to the dais to discuss his thoughts on the fight, saying that he believes he did enough to take the win over Brian Castano. Check out some of what Charlo has to say to media reporters below.

Charlo on the official draw result

“When you look at a lot of judges, they probably judge the fight off of how the fact that ‘Jermell Charlo is coming forward, he really never boxes, he’s always knocking everybody out, he’s hitting hard’ and all these other things and them some rounds you don’t win or some rounds you edge it really close, they tend to score for the opponent because of the fact that I didn’t win it as fair as I usually do.

Charlo on if he believes the draw was fair

“Nah, I actually feel like — honestly I think it was a closer fight than it seems. Somebody had it like 117-111. I do feel like I won a little bit more rounds than he did. 117-111 was kind of a large range but I do believe there’s no way possible they was just like ‘oh, 114-114’, you know what I’m saying? So not to take anything away from what Brian Castano did but I feel like I pushed a lot harder tonight than he did. He wasn’t trying to run in there and be the Brian Castano he was, I took him out of his game plan.

“If (the judges) really knew who Brian Castano was and how he actually fights and threw like 1100…I think I did a better performance than a lot of people that fought him. I didn’t see Erislandy Lara wobble him all over the ring, I didn’t see Teixeria do anything like that…Derrick told me in the 9th round, ‘hey, you gotta knock him out’ (and I’m like) ‘fuck, what you talking about knock him out? I’m beating his ass’…Like I blocked a lot of shots that people probably thought I got hit with. A lot of shots slid off.”

On Castano being the toughest opponent he’s ever faced (to which trainer Derrick James interjected to respond)

“I don’t think Castano’s the best fighter he’s ever fought,” said James. “He only had his way when Jermell stayed in one spot on the ropes. Other than that he’s not the best fighter he ever fought. I think Tony Harrison was probably better than him.”

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