Joey Spencer pulling for Deontay Wilder to pull off win over Tyson Fury

In a conversation with Fight Hype, young middleweight Joey Spencer gives his assessment of the upcoming third fight between Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder. Spencer breaks down the fight saying that he’ll be rooting for Wilder and that the fight won’t necessarily go the same way the last fight went.

“I’m pulling for Wilder because I want to see him come back,” Spencer said. “I’m such a big Wilder fan, I was so happy when he had the title here in America, the heavyweight title, so I’m hoping he can go in there and get that title back. I’m pulling for him.

“If I’m to say how I think it’s gonna go, I think he has to make some serious adjustments and not let Fury pull him back, ‘cause that was the problem, Fury got inside of his long awkward shots and Wilder really didn’t know what to do and really couldn’t fight back enough. He’s training with Malik Scott, it seems like he’s really trying to make those adjustments and he’s had a long time, he’s done it right. He’s took a long time off and has just been training, you can tell.

“I want to see him come in and be able to get that back. If he makes the right adjustments he’s always got the power to put someone away with one shot. He’s put Fury down before so it’s not like he can’t do it again. Fury just came in that last fight and grabbed all the momentum and kept it, so people think it’s gonna happen the exact same way again but it’s a new fight and you have to come out and take that momentum again without getting knocked out. So it doesn’t have to go the same way.”

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