John Wayne Parr retires with loss, but head held high

Muay Thai legend and combat sports icon John Wayne Parr came short in his quest of reaching 100 pro wins in his last fight ever.

The Aussie lost to Philippines’ Eduard Folayang at ONE Championships: X event that was held this past Saturday in Singapore.

Parr, 45, was entering the ring for the last time, but he bowed out with a loss and a head held high. Just like it is supposed to be when you are a walking martial arts legend.

Parr lost to his younger opponent via UD, hanging up the gloves for good. On his way out of the cage, Parr received a standing ovation befitting his status from the Singapore Indoor Stadium, which had welcomed fans back en masse for the first time since the start of the pandemic.

“Unfortunately, I’m 46 next month,” Parr said. “You know when it’s time. I’ve got a very successful gym. I’ve got lots of students under me, and I’ve got my kids fighting now.

“It’s just my time to dedicate more time to them, and push them and try and help them to live the lifestyle I lived for all these years, because there’s no better adventure than going overseas representing your country and to win, and having people cheering your name. There’s no better euphoria or rush.

“I just hope I can inspire younger people to get into martial arts and follow their own dreams.”

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