Jorge Masvidal announces new bare-knuckle MMA promotion

“BMF” champion and UFC 261 title challenger Jorge Masvidal is getting into the fight business as a promoter, and he’s jumping into the bare-knuckle craze.

Before the UFC 261 press conference featuring his rematch with welterweight champ Kamaru Usman, Masvidal announced his new promotion, Gamebred Fighting Championship, which pairs him with hip-hop artist Anuel AA for a bare-knuckle MMA event.

“[Anuel AA and I] have teamed up to bring you the most vicious fights we could think of Bare Knuckle MMA,” wrote Masvidal, who included footage from his early days as a street fighter. “That’s right no gloves same rules and the first fight will be in Miami on June 25.”

Anuel will outfit fighters for the promotion’s June 25 debut in Miami. The event’s venue was not announced.

The new promotion has inked a one-year broadcast deal with Bare Knuckle TV, which will exclusively air its content, a person with knowledge of operations told MMA Fighting. Additionally, bouts will be contested under the unified rules of MMA. Fighters who sign with the promotion will have a clause in their contracts that allows them to sign with the UFC if they receive an offer.

The promotion also plans to travel. In states where bare-knuckle isn’t legal, the person said, the promotion plans to put on regular MMA events.

Masvidal’s show joins a growing field of bare-knuckle promoters, including Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship, which has run several bare-knuckle boxing events in the state.

On Saturday, the “BMF” champion returns to the octagon nine months after suffering a lopsided decision loss to Usman in a short-notice title shot at UFC 251.

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