Josh Taylor hires Joe McNally as new lead trainer as Jack Catterall rematch takes shape

As recent news broke that Josh Taylor is headed towards a rematch with Jack Catterall, Taylor has revealed that he’s make a change in his camp as he’s now given the reigns over to Joe McNally to act as his lead trainer. Taylor has previously been working with Ben Davison as lead trainer, but as Taylor mentions, it was time for him to make a change.

“I’m excited for this new chapter in my career. It’s a nice, new, refreshing start. I got to meet him a couple of months back, got talking to him and bounced ideas off him, and I liked the way his mind works, his mindset and ideas,” the Scotsman said.

Taylor says there was almost instant chemistry between McNally and himself with regards to how they plan their work and having the same outlook on how they want to perform going forward.

As for Ben Davison, Taylor continues to credit him as a trainer but says he believes his own progression was getting stale and that it benefits him to freshen things up here.

“I just think I needed a little bit of a change, and it’s no aim or dig or anything at Ben [Davison, his previous trainer] or the lads in the gym, I just needed a change. I felt like I was getting a bit stale, and just picking up little bad habits, and taking away from my main attributes and my main strengths.”

Taylor emphasizes that he and Davison are still on good terms and continue to speak, and publicly thanks him for the work he’s done in the past to help him achieve undisputed status before ultimately relinquishing a handful of those titles.

With this Catterall rematch in mind, Taylor — who was strongly criticized for what was largely perceived to be a gift decision in their first fight — is looking to make things much more clear this time around by stopping Catterall. Not only does Taylor want to win, but he says he intends to really put a beating on Catterall to emphasize the point.

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