Justin Gaethje wants revenge on Dustin Poirier

Justin Gaethje is convinced he’s next in line for the winner of UFC 269’s main event between lightweight champ Charles Oliveira and former interim titleholder Dustin Poirier. But is one opponent more preferable?

“Oliveira is easier,” Gaethje flatly told MMA Junkie. “For sure, he’s an easier matchup. Both incredibly dangerous, both at the top of this game. Highest-level fighters. It still comes down to who makes a mistake first, but I take back nothing that I said, and when I get to fight Charles Oliveira, I’ll show you that there is no f*cking dog in that man, and that will be the gameplan.”

“He’s easier for me,” Gaethje said. “He ain’t no easy fight for nobody. When it comes to Poirier vs. Oliveira, he’s the easier fight for me because I’m a f*cking dog, and this dude is not.”

If it’s Oliveira, there’s certain to be a touch of bad blood given the comments, but Gaethje insists he’s just speaking his mind.

If it’s Poirier, Gaethje gets a chance to revisit one of his few career losses in a rematch of their 2018 classic that was named MMA Junkie’s “Fight of the Year.”

Gaethje insists he doesn’t have a preference but will be more than ready for either man when the time comes. If it’s Oliveira, though, Gaethje plans on proving his claims.

“The best story that I can write would be to f*cking show that, but I really want my revenge on Poirier, too,” Gaethje said. “So I promise you, I’ll wake up on fire every day ready to work until then.”

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