Kaori Icho appointed as the new assist coach of Japan wrestling’s team

Japan’s best ever female wrestler Kaori Icho has been appointed as the new “entourage coach” of the Japan Wrestling Federation.

The four-time Olympic champion has been added to the performance enhancement team in the run-up to the 2024 Paris Olympics.

The federation announced the appointment following a meeting of its board of directors on December 19 at the recent Emperor’s Cup All-Japan Championships.

Two-time Olympic medalist Kosei AKAISHI was named the director of performance enhancement for the national team.

“I think that athletes have worries before matches and other times,” Akaishi said. “Ms. Icho has been to the Olympics, and can (provide support) from both mental aspect and technical aspect.”

Icho, 37, was named along with former world silver medalist and two-time Olympian Takahiro WADA as entourage coaches, whose main responsibility will be to provide mental support for national team members and coordinate those around them to ensure the best possible training environment.

Icho currently trains female wrestlers at Nippon Sport Science University. It appears likely she will participate in national team training camps in her new capacity.

Japan won five gold medals during the Tokyo Games, tying its record haul from 1964 when the competition was limited to men.

Source: www.uww.org

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