Karate future stars to meet in anticipated Karate 1 Youth League Limassol

The opening event of the season of Karate 1 Youth League takes place in Limassol (Cyprus) from June 4 to 6. Hundreds of aspiring Karateka are gathering in Cyprus for the anticipated and long-awaited event.

Nearly 800 hundred young athletes from 37 countries are travelling to Limassol this weekend to compete in the first Karate 1-Youth League event of the season. Up-and-coming Karate stars have been waiting for quite some time to participate in the event as all the tournaments of the 2020 season were cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Now, nearly one year and a half after the last Karate 1-Youth League competition, youngsters will be able to celebrate again the strength of Karate among young ages.

The competition is scheduled to start on Friday morning with the U14 categories. After three thrilling days, the tournament is expected to conclude Sunday afternoon with the finals of the junior categories. The event gathers competitors from 12 to 17 years old.

Established under the umbrella of Karate 1, the Karate 1-Youth League aims at becoming a platform for the development of youngsters in their quest to progress in the sport. In addition to the event in Limassol, the 2021 Karate 1-Youth League will travel to Porec (Croatia), Istanbul (Turkey), and Venice (Italy).

The city of Limassol hosted a Karate 1-Youth League for the last time in 2019. Russia topped the medal table of the event with five gold medals followed by Egypt with four golds and Jordan and Ukraine both with three golds.

Source: www.wkf.net

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