Kayla Harrison: It’s my job to prove Dana White I’m worth signing

Two-time PFL womne’s lightweight champion Kayla Harrison knows that it is up to her to show everybody beyond doubt that she’s worth getting signed by UFC and Dana White.

The two-time Olympic judo gold medalist is undefeated in her pro MMA career, demolishing everything that was thrown at hr in the Professional Fighters League.

The 31-year-old American is now a free agent and her next move should be going to the UFC, but Dana White might not want to sign her yet.

“Dana has said a lot of things before,” Harrison said “It’s my job. If I want to fight in the UFC someday, if I want to fight at featherweight for the UFC some day, then it’s my job to prove to him that I’m worth the investment and I’m worth the risk.

“All I can do is to continue to go out there and be so dominant and continue be so good that you can’t ignore me. I know that I’ll do that. He says a lot of stuff and I know that I’m going to make him eat his words and he’ll smile when he does it and it will be great. I’m not worried about it. That time is coming.”

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