Khamzat Chimaev criticizes Kamaru Usman’s win streak

Khamzat Chimaev doesn’t think highly of Kamaru Usman.

Chimaev is set to face Gilbert Burns at UFC 273 and should he win, it seems likely he would get a title shot against Usman. It would be a fight many fans would like to see as it would be a very intriguing matchup but one that Chimaev is confident in.

“Brother, Usman is almost (retired), his knees don’t work, his back hurts, his arm hurts, operation everywhere,” Chimaev said to Daniel Cormier. “The guy is too old and too slow. He’s too slow, they want to like make money how they talk, they want to find a way and make money and go away from me, you know.”

Part of the reason why Chimaev is so confident against Usman is he doesn’t think the champ has a good win. He says he has four wins against two of the same guys and won the belt over an old Tyron Woodley.

“Who he beat, brother, he beat the same two guys four times. He beat Colby twice and he beat the other guy (Jorge Masvidal), twice,” Chimaev added. “Who he beat, brother? Tyron Woodley, he was out from the UFC after him, 10 guys beat him, and boxing, a YouTube vlogger beat that guy. You know like who he beat? I don’t know, I don’t understand, he didn’t beat and didn’t fight somebody like me.”

Although Khamzat Chimaev criticized Kamaru Usman’s wins, the champ does have better wins than the Swede. Usman has beaten four of the top seven opponents at welterweight while the only ranked opponent Chimaev has beaten was Li Jingliang. But, if he beats Gilbert Burns on Saturday at UFC 273 then he will have the chance to prove he is that much better than Usman.

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