Kudresovas put up a real fight for Atanasov at SENSHI 19


Valeri Atanasov got a win at his SENSHI 19 debut but it didn’t came without a fuss because Arturas Kudresovas turned out to be one tough nut to crack.

The Lithuanian fighter started on the front foot and even finished the first round with a takedown.

After that the Wolf got back to his best and started placing home nice jabs. He gave a bloody nose to his opponent and the tide started turning.

It seamed that the final 10 second of the fight wore decisive because the Bulgarian was on his back when he managed to roll over and started pounding Arturas but the final bell spared us the knockout.

The judges seamed satisfied with Valeri Atanasov and they raised his had for the victory.

History of Karate

Karate (空手) (/kəˈrɑːti/; Japanese pronunciation: [kaɾate] (About this soundlisten); Okinawan pronunciation: [kaɽati]) is a martial

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