KWU International Professional League training camp in Varna is underway

A lot smiley faces and people ready to work – that’s how the second KWU International Professional League training camp for 2022. The event is being held in Varna’s newest “Senshi Gym” and from May 6-8.

The first training session took palce this morning at 9 a.m. with the participants being divided into three separate groups.

The class was lead by KWU International Professional League instructors and K-1 legends Semmy Schilt, Ernesto Hoost and Albert Kraus.  Every one of them had its own training hall.

The former “K-1 MAX” and “SUPERKOMBAT” welterweight and middleweight champion Albert Kraus took under his wings the young and uprising fighters. “The Hurricane” demonstrated a lot and different combinations to the youngsters who were following him through every motion and exercise. The juniors got valuable lessons on their counterattack game, as Kraus was non stop moving and  observing his students. More often than not he was reminding them to switch their sparring partners in order to get a taste of more fighting styles.

Four-time K-1 heavyweight champion Semmy Schilt kept the theme of the last seminars, as he continued his work with the coaches, senseis and instructors. “Hightower” showcased various exercises and games which the instructors could implement into their training sessions for kids and youths.

“Kids should be having fun, but at the same time they should be disciplined and follow your orders”.

The other four-time heavyweight K-1 champion Ernesto Hoost was in command of the active fighters group. “Mr.Perfect” was all smiles in the morning and his spirit caught up to the others around him. The Dutch demonstrated a lot of techniques of his own arsenal – mostly the ones  including knees and low kicks. He didn’t forget the defense aspect of the game, kindly pointing out mistakes and putting emphasis on the little details.

“I’ll show you my way of fighting, my way of thinking”, Hoost said to the fighters.

Two more training sessions will be held today at “Senshi Gym”.


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