KWU Sakura Over Sozhem 2021 – when and where?

Good news for kyokushin fans! The KWU Sakura Over Sozh International Junior Kyokushin Karate Kumite Competition Is Going to Happen again!

The competition is among 12-17 Aged Boys And Girls.

This year Gomel, The Republic Of Belarus, will be the host.

All talents will try to prove their best at October 28 – 31, 2021.

Kyokushin World Union and Kyokushin-kan International in Belarus will organise the competition.

Who can participate? Representatives of national federations and all concerned Kyokushin groups of the country, aged 12-17 with at least 7 Kyu-style grades, are eligible to compete.

The deadline for final applications is October 22, 2021.

Applications must be submitted at: e-mail
Contact phones: + 375 232 35 00 12; +375 29 676 45 52 Dmitry Scheglov,
The contact person: +375 29 592-13-33 Sergei Martsiukhin



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