Kyle Snyder beats J’den Cox at RudisPlus

2016 Olympic champion and two-time World champion Kyle Snyder won two matches to sweep his best-of-three series against 2016 Olympic medalist and two-time World champion J’den Cox at 97 kg, the Main Event of @RudisPlus Super Match in the Sound Board at the Motor City Casino Hotel, Wednesday night.

Snyder won a 5-5 criteria decision over Cox in bout one, then came back in a strong 7-1 victory in the second match to secure the victory.

Bout one – Snyder dec. Cox, 5-5

In the first period, Snyder was put on the shot clock. Cox secured a single leg for a step out to make it 1-0, then got the point when Snyder didn’t score in 30 seconds to make it 2-0 going into the break.

In the second period, Snyder forced a step out to make it 2-1. However, officials determined that Cox did not defend, and was hit with a caution to make it 2-2. Snyder got a step out point, but Cox forced one immediately to make it 3-3. Cox scored a counter takedown after a Snyder leg shot to take a 5-3 lead with 1:50 left. Snyder took down Cox after getting a bodylock for a four-point score and a 7-5 lead. Cox won a challenge making it a two-point move to make it 5-5. Cox was unable to score late, and Snyder won by scoring last.


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Bout Two – Snyder dec. Cox, 7-1

Snyder made a double leg shot to a step out to lead 1-0. After a Cox attack, Snyder countered for a takedown and a 3-0 lead going into the break.

In the second period, Snyder added a step out point to lead 4-0. Another Snyder single leg led to a step out and a 5-0 lead. Cox got on the board with a step out with about one minute left to make it 5-1. A late Snyder takedown secured the 7-1 victory.


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