Lebanon hosted a Sambo referee seminar

The Referee Certification Seminar, organized by the Continental Panel of Referees of the SAMBO Union of Asia (SUA), was successfully held on May 31 in Jounieh City (Lebanon).

The event was attended by referees from 10 countries: Jordan, Iraq, Iran, Kazakhstan, Lebanon, Malaysia, Mongolia, Sudan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan. The main goal of the seminar is to improve the skills of the judiciary and prepare for major international tournaments.

“The seminar included a theoretical and practical part, during which disputable situations were analyzed, typical mistakes were analyzed both in sports and combat SAMBO. In the final part, all participants will have the opportunity to pass the exam for the status of a referee of the continental category,” said Islom Adylov, head of the CCA judging panel.

“This time the exam will be conducted by the FIAS Technical Commission, however, we expect that in the near future we will be able to transfer these powers to representatives of the CCA Continental Board of Judges,” emphasized FIAS Sports Director Dmitry Maksimov.

Source and image: sambo.sport

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