Lennox Lewis urges Fury to become undisputed against Usyk – Joshua winner

Lennox Lewis, one of the greatest heavyweight boxers of all time and the last one to unify all the belts in the blue-collar division, believes Tyson Fury will be leaving too much money and glory on the table, if “The Gypsy King” is serious about his retirement.

Fury, 33, KO’d his fellow countryman Dillian Whyte this past Saturday night. Prior and after the bout, Fury have said a numerous times that this will be his last fight.

“Another great performance by Tyson Fury last night to show why he’s the number one in the division right now,” Lewis wrote.“But let’s talk about the economics. He filled Wembley with 94 thousand fans (the biggest gate in Wembley history) to prove he has drawing power among UK fan base.

“So to think, that there’s even BIGGER fights than this still out there is [mind blowing]. I know he’s talked retirement after last night, but I feel there’s still some unfinished business to be done on his part and I look forward to welcoming him into the undisputed club as a fellow Brit and as an honour to the lineage of #kronkboxing, when all is said and done.

“To see him get up off the canvas of life and turn himself into the best [heavyweight] in the world is a thing of beauty. I’ve personally learned to never bet against him and am proud of his accomplishments and commitment to himself and his craft.”

Lewis made it clear that he wants Fury to join him in the undisputed ranks of heavyweight history, saying that he has been keeping the undisputed distinction “warm” for far too long.

“When Anthony Joshua and Deontay Wilder had a chance to make history, it didn’t happen,” Lewis continued. “Fury is one fight away, and either, AJ or Usyk, are 2-3 fights away from UNDISPUTED. Which is the fight I’ve been calling for for many years….

“I’m hoping everyone takes care of business and the winner of Joshua-Usyk steps into the ring with Fury to crown the first undisputed champion since me. I’ve been keeping UNDISPUTED warm for way too many years.

“In the meantime, it’s now time for [Fury] to celebrate his win with his family and friends and wait to see what happens in this crazy HW division. Congrats champ on a job well done. Relax, rest, and enjoy. All of it is well deserved. Bless!”

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