Logan Paul on potential next fight: “You can’t tell me I can’t beat Mike Tyson”

Logan Paul has a ton of confidence after going all eight rounds with Floyd Mayweather.

On June 6 in Miami, Florida, Paul and Mayweather had a highly-anticipated exhibition bout. Although Paul is 0-1 as a pro boxer he was younger and had a massive height and reach advantage which made the fight interesting. Early on, he used his size and pressured Mayweather but as the bout dragged on the undefeated pro boxer took over but couldn’t finish Paul and they went the distance.

Immediately after the fight, many wondered who would be next for Paul as there’s no question he will box again. He could box a fellow YouTuber/influencer or could take on a real fighter which is what his brother, Jake is doing. Yet, one name that has came up is Mike Tyson and although the former heavyweight champ was feared by many, Paul believes he has the skillset to win that bout.

“Someone mentioned Mike Tyson,” Logan Paul said on his podcast, Impaulsive. “My lawyer mentioned it and he’s like, ‘Nah, Tyson will rip your head off, you don’t stand a chance.’ I’m like, ‘I just went through all this.’ You can’t tell me I can’t beat Mike Tyson. He’s old, old.”
It’s uncertain whether or not a promotion would want to book Tyson vs. Paul. However, Tyson has said he is willing to do more exhibition bouts and wants to return in the fall. That timing also likely works with Paul who already returned to training after his fight against Mayweather.

If Logan Paul does end up boxing Mike Tyson it would be a massive fight that the world would tune in for. Paul-Mayweather reportedly did over one million pay-per-view buys and it’s not out of the question for a Tyson-Paul PPV to do even more than that.

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