Logan Paul tells Floyd Mayweather to “take it easy” during exhibition boxing match (Video)

New video footage shows that YouTuber-turned-boxer Logan Paul told Floyd Mayweather to “take it easy” during their exhibition boxing match.

Paul and Mayweather met on June 6 at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami, Florida in an eight-round exhibition match between the popular YouTube star and the boxing legend. Although Paul was able to tough it out and survive the full eight rounds with Mayweather, he did take a beating during the fight and would have lost a decision had it been considered a professional boxing match with judges. Since it was just an exhibition bout, there were no judges, so there was no official winner or loser of their boxing match.

Paul, in fact, had to remind Mayweather during the fight that it was just an exhibition and not a pro fight. In new video footage unearthed from the fight, you can hear Paul telling Mayweather to tone it down and remind him that they were in an exhibition match.

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