Luis De Brito gave us a guillotine and a spectacle against Endrit Emini


Luis De Brito won not only the fight against Endrit Emini at SENSHI 21 but also the hearths of the crowd in Varna because he was one hell of an athlete during the entire weekend before, during and after the gala.

The Brazilian was the heaviest fighter ever to come to the SENSHI ring with his 130 kg. But at the same time he was maybe the most agile one we’ve seen in ages.

Endrit Emini was unfortunate to face De Brito that night because we was on the loosing side against the BJJ black belt with a perfectly executed guillotine in the first 30 seconds of the fight.

After the victory Luis made a double back flip in the ring and won the hearths of every each and one of the spectators in the National palace of culture and sports in Varna, Bulgaria. He even had issue walking down to the press section because there wore tons of people who wanted to take a picture with him.

We can only hope that this guy comes back for another KWU Open show here in SENSHI.


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