Mamadou Ndiaye: SAMBO is close to get into the program of the Olympic Games

The President of the National Olympic Committee of Senegal, Mamadou Ndiaye, made optimistic prediction about SAMBO.

In an interview with the FIAS website, he spoke about the possibilities for the development of the martial art in Senegal, the construction of the “Temple of Martial Arts” in the country, and shared his opinion on the Olympic prospects.

Mr. Ndiaye, how well do you know the sport of SAMBO?

– I learned about SAMBO quite a long time ago, but it was not a deep knowledge – I only heard that such a sport exists. I began to pay close attention to SAMBO when it began to receive international recognition, and mainly when FIAS received recognition from the International Olympic Committee.

As for the development of SAMBO in Senegal, we have all the necessary prerequisites for this. It is important to note that SAMBO has a lot in common with the Senegalese national wrestling, so it will be easier for us to develop this sport. At the moment, I learned that on the African continent, SAMBO is actively developing only in 13 countries. Of course, Africa has great potential, and I hope that with our help, through joint efforts, we will be able to bring this number to a more impressive figure.

What steps will be taken to develop SAMBO in Senegal?

– We invite everyone to take part in laying the foundation stone for the Palais des Sports in Senegal, which will also be the “Temple of Martial Arts” in our country. Now we are discussing the place and concept of the construction of this center. I think this will be an important first step towards the development of SAMBO in Senegal.

Are you planning the participation of your athletes in international SAMBO tournaments?

– We have already received an invitation to take part in the World Super Cup in Moscow from FIAS President Vasily Shestakov and we would like to take advantage of this invitation with great pleasure. I think our athletes will gain invaluable experience at competitions of this level.

How do you assess the Olympic prospects for SAMBO?

– I am sure that SAMBO has every chance to get into the program of the Olympic Games. Moreover, FIAS has already received full recognition from the IOC, and new sports are included in the program of the Games, and SAMBO has good chances to occupy its niche. In addition, Senegal will host the IV Summer Youth Olympic Games in 2026. Of course, it is quite possible that SAMBO will be included in the program of these competitions. It is important to continue to work and fulfill all the necessary conditions of the International Olympic Committee.

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