Mexico hosts post-U20-Pan-American Wrestling Championships camp

From July 11 to 21, 2022, was held at the Mexican Olympic Sports Center (CDOM) in Mexico City, the Training Camp for U20 athletes; this training camp was held after the U20 Pan-American Championships Oaxtepec 2022; it is mainly focused on countries with fewer resources in the continent and therefore provides better conditions in search of their sports development.

This camp was held with the financial support of Panam Sports and the collaboration of the Mexican Olympic Committee, United World Wrestling Americas, and the Mexican National Federation.

It is also important to mention that it is intended to provide continuity to the athletes participating in the I Junior Pan-American Games Cali-Valle 2021 and thus continue with the multidisciplinary development of athletes and coaches.

In the Mexican Olympic Training Center (CDOM) the necessary facilities were provided to develop all the activities; some of the facilities available were the Olympic Wrestling Gymnasium, the Fitness Gymnasium, the athletics field and track, the Olympic swimming pool, the PASO auditorium, all the common areas of the CDOM, among others. The participants stayed within the CDOM facilities, so all the activities were carried out in the same sports complex, and the accommodation conditions were optimal for the rest and recovery of the athletes.

Various types of training sessions were carried out, including technical, tactical, and physical conditioning, among others. The sessions were programmed by style in the consensus of all the participating countries; the Iranian coach Reza AZIMI, who is the head of the High Performance and Development Center for America (CARDA), was responsible for the planning.

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