Michael Korrel claims gold for the Netherlands

Michael Korrel’s done it again. He took the gold medal in the IJF World Tour. His first victory this year, last year he won in Tel Aviv. After two silver medals at the Grand Prix in Zagreb in 2015 and 2016, this time he grabbed the gold. In the final U100kg his opponent was Ilia Sulamanidze, reports “Judo Inside”.

Sulamanidze is one of the discreet ones; he doesn’t make noise, he doesn’t shout, he goes unnoticed. This is how he wins, without many knowing. A discreet Georgian? Seeing is believing! Korrel is going through a period where everything is going his way and his self-confidence has multiplied but be careful, we have already said that Sulamanidze is special. For his part, Korrel increases his potential with the passing of the minutes, because he has elephant lungs, often winning when his rival’s gas tank light comes on. In golden score they both attacked at the same time and both thought they had scored waza-ari. The decision smiled at Korrel.

Swiss Daniel Eich and Sherazadishvili (ESP) met a week ago. The Spaniard won then, but declared that it was very hard because Eich is heavier, four kilos more muscle. If the Spanish did not like the experience, in Zagreb he received a second serving of the Swiss. Both exhaled and displayed all their power. It seemed that the Swiss was stronger but the Spanish more technical. Eich had already accumulated two penalties when he launched an excellent attack that was miraculously not waza-ari. Golden score arrived and Eich grew by the minute, attacked more and ended up scoring waza-ari, fulfilling his revenge from a week ago.

Nikoloz Sherazadishvili had been eliminating Azerbaijani Elmar Gasimov and Hungary’s Zsombor Veg. The semi-finals aimed very high with the Spaniard against the European champion and bronze medallist in Mongolia, Michael Korrel. The Dutchman had a sweet day, with rivals far below his capabilities. Sherazadishvili would be a test tailored to him and the same for the Spanish. A test that ended four seconds from the bell with an unappealable ippon from the Dutchman. Korrel continues on his line, the Spaniard still has to progress, although he has room due to his immense quality.

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