Minimal differences in weight between the fighter before SENSHI 22


We can officially confirm that the weigh-ins went as planned for the international fight gala SENSHI 22 because there wore little if any differences between the fighters for the event.

Eduard Aleksanyan is just 700 grams heavier that Jakob Styben. Atanas Bozhilov and Samo Petje a perfectly matched for the co-main event.

Here are the official results:

  • Delyan Georgiev 70 kg. – Lucas Tenorio 70 kg.
  • Marcio de Jesus 70 kg. – Madalin Craciunica 69.7 kg.
  • Dragomir Petrov 70 kg. – Bartosz Botwina 69.7 kg.
  • Jimmy Livinus 94.5 kg. – Mbamba Cauwenbergh 92.2 kg.
  • Giannis Stoforidis 109.7 kg. – Ariel Machado 105.7 kg.
  • Rade Opacic 118 kg. – Daniel Lentie 117.6 kg.
  • Atanas Bozhilov 72 kg. – Samo Petje 72 kg.
  • Eduard Aleksanyan 88.5 kg. – Jakob Styben 87.8 kg.

We will have addition five matches from the finals of the KWU SENSHI World Cup for amateurs.

The start of the events is on July 6th at 6:30 PM local time on the beach in front of restaurant More in Saints Konstantin and Helena resort near Varna, Bulgaria.

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