Montana Aerts earns her first SENSHI victory

The 12th edition of the international fight night SENSHI 12 kicked off with an extremely closely contested and beautiful fight. In the ring, which was placed on the beach in front of the “More” restaurant in Saints Constantine and Helena, Montana Arts managed to claim her first victory in the SENSHI ring.

The daughter of K-1 legend Peter Arts defeated Mina Kirlaki of Greece by unanimous decision. The Dutch had to go through an extra round after the first three parts proved to be fairly even.

The match took place in the 55 kg. and was conducted under the rules of KWU Full Contact, with the special guest referee being the first four-time K-1 heavyweight champion Ernesto Hoost.

The two ladies went into attack mode from the opening bell, not shying away from getting into exchanges at all. Mina and Montana stood in the center of the ring, landing a huge amount of strikes. Despite his height advantage, Aerts was not looking for the long range, but quite the opposite – close range combat. The Greek competitor relied mostly on boxing combinations, while the heiress of the legendary Peter Aerts used more various strikes, several times landing powerful front kicks to Kirlaki’s body.

The second round also started aggressively, with both girls continuing to be aggressive and looking for chinks in the opponent’s armour. As time went on, Aerts took the center of the ring and began to land on the Greek more often and more cleanly. Mina responded with some good right hooks followed by a back low kick. In the latter part, Aerts continued to be more assertive and made great use of her front kicks, which sent Kirlaki back.

The Greek had a hard time finding answers to the Dutchwoman’ssouthpaw stance and relied mostly on her jab. In the end, the ringside judges called for an extra round as the first three parts were tied. The fourth round was completely dominated by Montana, who held the center of the ring and landed some great knees to the body of Kirlaki, who was visibly the more tired of the two and less and less able to land longer combinations.

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